Why Another Math Teacher Blog?

The first blog I started reading was Julie’s  ispeakmath.  Julie had just gotten back from the first Twitter Math Camp and was still on the high that can only come from being with like minded people.  Then I found Sarah’s math=love and combed through her blog for days.  Prior to these blogs I would do a google search for lesson plans about math topics and spent money buying worksheets from different teacher site.  Julie and Sarah didn’t seem to be selling any of their material, just sharing it to help all math teachers out.  They also shared the site they frequent and/or favored which gave me that much more information and help teaching my math classes. 

Now, global math department & MTBos have a blogging initiative and I thought I would join in even if it just helps me document what has worked and what hasn’t.





Oh how true, mahalo.

Field Notes From Fatherhood

My oldest son squirms and mopes in his economy class seat, flouncing like a 1920’s film starlet and sighing deeply enough to drive a small wind turbine. He’s bored. He’s been on this stinking plane for almost an hour, and he wants off.

Some perspective: We’re on the second of two 1 1/2-hour hopscotch flights to Spain, on our way to visit the picturesque Mediterranean seaside town in which we will soon be privileged to live. The ride is smooth, the temperature in the plane comfortable, the view from the window of the French Alps piercing a pristine carpet of cloud. We’ve just come from the Business Lounge of the Zurich airport, one of those rarified spaces reserved for those fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to rack up ungodly air miles, where we sat in plush leather seats and ate free gourmet food prepared and served by people who may…

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